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Ashe Communocations collaborates with a variety of industry bodies and organisations to create engaging, meaningful content, aligned to the company brand or sector identity, on topics that matter to their audiences. Below is an example of content pieces with current and previous partners. For a wider range of creative content, reports and research pieces, or to have a chat about branded content specified to your organisational language, feel free to get in touch via the contact page.

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What Would a Four-day Week Mean for Working Women?

April 2023

The results are in. There can be no doubt now that a four-day work week positively impacts both employee wellbeing and the bottom line. So why is there still such a reluctance to break free from outdated workplace traditions, and what would a four-day week mean for those who have statistically born the brunt of the most recent post-covid workplace disruptions – women?

5 Reasons You Should Be Prioritising Mental Health in the Workplace

October 2022

There has long been a link between positive mental health and workplace experiences and behaviours. Although ethically there has always been an argument for wellbeing to be prioritised in the workplace, we know that it’s often statistical bottom line impact that drives organisational cultural evolution.

Making Housing a Visible Career Choice

July 2022

Attracting young people into the housing industry has been discussed a lot at this year’s CIH Housing 2022 event in Manchester, and just like the rest of the country, London is feeling the effects of the shifting workplace landscapes. Now, more than ever, as the UK housing industry evolves and adapts to current and future challenges, it has become necessary to take a holistic view in tackling the attraction, retention and succession planning issues affecting the sector.

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