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About Ashe Communications

The workplace and the way we manage our businesses and our people has been transforming for some time. The global pandemic has only sped up this transformation, and now, more than ever, there is a need to take a holistic approach to how we connect with our teams and with the outside world.

Hybrid and remote working means that we may not all be together at one time, but nevertheless we still need to keep these connections going between our teams and our customers, no matter what's around the corner, with a flexible, adaptable and consistent approach.

A healthy online presence, both internally and externally, can build engagement, help us gain a better understanding of how people are feeling, develop positive relationships and drive success. By connecting with our own teams effectively, it is possible to drive better connections and communicate and engage better with our customer base. When we have a diverse team of people who are fully engaged and align to the organisation's core values, it builds better relationships, happier, more engaged employees and is a driver for a more successful business. 

Meaningful connections with our customers begins with the development of our own people. When we develop our people and company culture, what we put out to our customers become authentic and connects us in a positive and meaningful way.

As a professional Consultant, I believe in maintaining a collaborative mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for outcomes that benefit the wider collective.

Ashe Communications provides a communications consultancy service, practical guidance, internal and external engagement plans, support and advice.

Additionally, the service offers tailored, industry relevant, high quality content that reflects and is carefully aligned to organisational values and growth strategy, helping to build presence and connecting the values shared by both your organisation and your customers.

Contact me today for an initial consultation, and find out more about how I can assist you to build better communications.

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